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Safety Culture – Reflection

30 May, 2013 Posted by Christopher Jenner
Earlier this week I was presented with the idea of safety culture and asked to reflect on the concept. Personally, I think that safety culture should be looked at in a systemic way. That is to say; one needs to look at the bigger picture and understand the multitude of interdependent parts that are evident […] Read more»

Safety and Ethics – Cooke’s Works Reflection

10 April, 2013 Posted by Christopher Jenner
The Cooke’s Works disaster in 1988 was an explosion at one of Dyno Nobel’s explosives facilities that took the lives of 2 workers. The investigation of employees and the resulting legal consequences provide a solid basis for reflection on the relevance of safety and ethics. “Directors and engineers responsibilities for safety – a cautionary tale” by […] Read more»

Safety and Society – The Effects of Perception

30 March, 2013 Posted by Christopher Jenner
When considering risk analysis and management its easy to overlook how our preconceived opinions can influences what we determine to be a priority.  “Back on the agenda: The curious case of nuclear energy and public acceptance” by Malcolm Grimston, explores the cyclical nature of nuclear energy’s public acceptance. Most importantly he covers the widely varying views […] Read more»