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8 December, 2013 Posted by Christopher Jenner Posted in Process Principles, Process Specification Sheets

Vessel Data Sheet – Excel and PDF Form

Vessels Data Sheet - Excel and PDF From

Process specification sheet for the design of a process vessel. Both the Excel file and PDF form can be edited to accommodate most designs. Suitable for process, mechanical or chemical engineering.

The design sheet includes:

1. Plant, item and location details
2. Design Data – Process Fluids/Material
3. Design Data – Materials of construction, general mechanical design
4. Nozzle Schedule

A good run down on vessel design can be found in Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers 3rd Edition, 2002 and Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook McGraw-Hill 8th Edition, 2008.

If there is anything I have forgotten or you have found some improvements that could be made, feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Disclaimer: All sheets provided “As-Is” with no warranty, expressed or implied, available. See “Terms of Use” at the top of this site.


Vessel Data Sheet (Process Specification Sheet) – Form

Vessel Data Sheet (Process Specification Sheet) – Excel Files


Branan, Carl. 2002. Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers 3RD. USA: Elsevier.
Younger, A. H., “How to Size Future Process Vessels,” Chemical Engineering, May 1955.
Siebert, Oliver W. 2008. Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook 8th ED. USA: McGraw-Hill .

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  1. Bruce Danko says:


    A lot of good info here.

    How do you get access to the actual datasheets?


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