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tag: heat exchanger development

Shell and Tube Exchanger Data Sheet – Excel Sheet and PDF Form

8 December, 2013 Posted by Christopher Jenner
Process specification sheet for the design of a shell and tube heat exchanger unit (created Aug. 2013). Both the Excel file and PDF form can be edited to accommodate most designs. Suitable for process, mechanical or chemical engineering. The design sheet includes: 1. Plant, item and location details 2. Performance and general design details 3. […] Read more»

Approach to Heat Exchanger Design

22 June, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
Just some thoughts and a quick look at heat exchanger design. My goal here was to simplify a number of models without getting into too much detail. Satisfying both process and operation requirements when designing a heat exchanger (HX) can be difficult, especially when doing so economically. However, there are some key rules to follow that can make the process more effective. […] Read more»