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author: christopher-jenner

Approach to Heat Exchanger Design

22 June, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
Just some thoughts and a quick look at heat exchanger design. My goal here was to simplify a number of models without getting into too much detail. Satisfying both process and operation requirements when designing a heat exchanger (HX) can be difficult, especially when doing so economically. However, there are some key rules to follow that can make the process more effective. […] Read more»

Shell and Tube HX: Baffles

17 June, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
I’ve been working on a shell and tube heat exchanger design for a university project and decided to put some thoughts down about baffles. I find the mechanisms behind heat exchangers quite interesting, so I might flow this up with a future post on heat exchanger design. The baffles provide two main functions: they support the […] Read more»

A Systematic Modelling Approach

25 May, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
A model can be looked at as an abstraction of reality, a simplified representation of the complex workings of a real world system. The model should be simple but at the same time be adequate for the purposes of modelling. It is important to remember that a model no matter how good cannot capture all […] Read more»

Lift in Supersonic Flight

17 April, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
Lift in Supersonic Flight My last post on subsonic lift got me thinking about the possible differences with supersonic lift. It has turned out to be an interesting area due to the difference in lift mechanisms and flow patterns. In subsonic flight the wing generates lift by means of accelerating the flow around the top surface of the […] Read more»

Subsonic Lift (Bernoulli’s Principle)

10 April, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
Subsonic Lift (Bernoulli’s Principle) I just finished reading about current fighter design, one thing led to another and I ended up looking into lift mechanisms along with flow patterns over subsonic airfoils. In subsonic incompressible flight the lift generated can be determined in terms of pressure using the Bernoulli’s principle and law of conservation of […] Read more»

AutoCAD P&ID symbols standards

21 March, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
AutoCAD P&ID has four different symbol standards templates JIS, ISA, PIP, ISO/DIN. Depending on your company’s standards, guidelines, templates and region, the one you use will vary. It’s important to start with the correct standard, as changing later will require remapping of your entire diagram. It is not good practice to use two different standards […] Read more»