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Coagulation Basics in Processing

23 December, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
Coagulation is used in a number of industries ranging from mining to chemicals production. Its primary purpose is to reduce turbidity in process water. In coal processing a coagulant is added to clear any undesirable microscopic particles (clays etc.) from the process water and hence enables recirculation within the plant. The fundamental purpose of coagulation […] Read more»

Common Coal Mining and Processing Terms

10 November, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
The following is a list of some common terms used in coal mining and processing. This list has been compiled from posts written in the former glossary section – removed late 2012. Know some vital slang or mining coal talk that I have missed? Let me know in the comments section. *Please use “Ctrl + […] Read more»

New Layout live!

6 November, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
The new ProcessPrinciples layout is live! The layout was chosen to allow the site to expand into new areas. Some sections of the site are still in development, so please be patient and report any errors via the Contact Us page. What’s new: ChE News, Blog, Glossary, Process Principles, and Careers Reactor (pending). The new areas will […] Read more»

Indirect Bath Heaters

26 August, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
Over the last couple of weeks I was involved in a Linkedin conversation (Chemical Process Engineers group) for the appropriate use of indirect bath heaters. The topic sparked my interest and I started exploring the uses of such systems in more detail. A number of experienced process engineers also commented on the topic and I […] Read more»

AutoCAD P&ID: Importing Blocks and Symbols

1 August, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
While teaching myself AutoCAD P&ID over the summer break I ran into some issues with inline blocks and database access. This is just a quick tutorial covering how to import a symbol/block into AutoCAD P&ID’s database and access functions like scaling on insert, inline symbols/blocks (Join type), auto block nozzles and general style properties. Firstly, […] Read more»

AutoCAD P&ID Pump Symbols

3 July, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
It’s sometimes hard to find the right P&ID symbol for a project, whether it be to identify or create. I’ve put together a list of pump symbols that you might encounter, mainly for identification purposes. Please do not request the blocks for these symbols, as I will not provide them. In the next few weeks […] Read more»

Gear Pumps

2 July, 2012 Posted by Christopher Jenner
As a chemical engineering intern over the 2011/2012 summer I was exposed to a number of different pumping mechanisms. As the process fluids I was dealing with were of high viscosity, the most common pumping system I came across was the gear pump. Hopefully the following (summary of my notes) helps anyone looking for information […] Read more»